Who Are We?Derman Enterprises Inc.

Sync’Em is a product owned by Derman Enterprises Incorporated.

Why Are We?

Our Mission is to create and deliver high-quality products and services that add value at a reasonable price. Our goal is to have some fun while accomplishing our Mission (well, as much fun as one can have while working, anyway) — our motto is “It’s possible to get serious work done … without always being too serious.”

What Are We?

We are a relatively small, privately-held business with the principals being a father and son team. Derman Enterprises Incorporated is a business that evolved from Derman Holdings Incorporated, which was formed in 1997. From 1997 through 2002, the business consisted purely of consulting services. The transformation into the current corporate structure positioned us to more easily accommodate some of our longer-term goals and growth plans.

We’ve always been fortunate to have various organizations who have delivered a fairly steady stream of consulting engagements. Historically, most of the consulting work has been performed on behalf of other consulting firms, often to bring their own consultants “up to speed.” To learn more about the nature of our consulting work, see our consulting overview page.

During 2002, we also began putting some products together. To that end, we developed a list of potential software products and narrowed it down to a short-list. We started our product work in November, 2002. Since then we’ve produced multiple other products of our own and have been the development and maintenance team behind some other commercial products.

Where Are We?

We’re located in the greater Vancouver area within the province of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We operate as a “virtual e-business” with a global customer base. Thanks to spammers and tele-marketers, we don’t publish an email address or our phone numbers.

However, using our contact form will put you in touch with us via email where we’ll be happy to supply other contact information. Customers have often commented that we’re very responsive … and we try to keep it that way. We trust you’ll understand and appreciate our mode of operation.