Want to sync Exchange (Outlook/OWA/Entourage), Google/Gmail, Apple Address Book, iCal, multiple Macs and/or Users on the same Mac?*
… then Sync’Em is the solution for you!
Do you have an Exchange 2007 account and use Outlook or OWA or Entourage and want to use Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book — not Entou-rage or Outlook?

  • sync contacts across your Exchange and/or Google/Gmail accounts and your Apple Address Book
  • sync calendar events, *tasks and *notes across Exchange, iCal and/or Google
  • sync your calendar events and contacts with your iPhone even if your Exchange server doesn’t support this
  • need to sync mixed OS X 10.4 and 10.5 systems?
  • need to sync multiple Exchange and/or Google accounts, not just one?
  • *need to sync contacts and calendars across multiple Users on the same Mac?
  • want to avoid using (or are not allowed to use) some service that puts all your information onto some foreign system (e.g., Plaxo, MobileMe, etc.)?
  • need more capabilities than Apple’s stuff provides?
  • try and try but can’t get Apple’s stuff to work for you? (you’re not alone!)

… then Sync’Em is the solution for you!

Are you an Exchange service provider?

  • want to provide your customers with a branded sync capability?
  • want to provide small businesses with a “no infrastructure” disaster recovery strategy for Exchange?

… then Sync’Em is the solution for you!

*Not yet available in the current version. See the product roadmap for more information.

Sync’Em Requirements

Prior to buying, please review the Product Roadmap then, if you think Sync’Em may still be of use, download, install and try Sync’Em to verify that it functions in your environment. You can contact us and we’ll help with usage questions, but Sync’Em has been an end-of-life product since 2010-02.
Sync’Em requirements:

tested/supported under OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6 you can (and should) download, get a Trial license and get it working to your satisfaction – then purchase a license if Sync’Em meets your requirements (you can simply license the same installation) or use the supplied uninstaller to remove Sync’Em.

Note – 2014-12: Google has changed their code and the APIs used by Sync’Em to sync Google calendars and contacts no longer work.

Although Sync’Em seems to work with 10.7/10.8, we’ve not done any formal testing. In addition, if you’re using iCloud, you need to consider that iCloud is the “master” copy (which is different from previous situations where your system was the “master”). The following Knowledgebase Article may help.

Exchange 2007 SP1 with WS (Web Services) enabled (which is the default)

Exchange-server security must allow logins/access via Sync’Em

Note – 2009-09-15: Microsoft’s Extended Protection for Authentication update can prevent Sync’Em from authenticating.
Some Users claim that Exchange 2010 works, but it has not been tested by us and is not officially supported